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The average life of a 30-year roof is 20 years due to poor maintenance. By maintaining your roof if could last and extra 10 years. Which could save over 5K.

According to Forbes, you should budget 1-4% of home purchase price or Current home value. 4% for homes over 25 years old. 1% for new construction.

Assuming the average house in portland is 400K that is up to 16K per year in maintenance for an older home.

Labor Only Cost examples

Painting exterior of the house. – every 10 years – approximately 5K 500 per year
Roof Cleaning every- 2 years – approximately $800  400 per year
Caulking -every 2 years – approximately $400  200 per year
Gutter cleaning – yearly – approximately $300- $400  300 per year
Seal grout and granite – yearly 400 per year
Stain decking and fencing- every 5 years- $1000 200 per year
Replace deck boards- 1500 average labor every 10 years 150 per year
HVAC- Yearly Servicing 300 per year
Siding and trim repair. – every 10 years- 2,000 on average   200 per year
Replace windows every 40 years 600 X 20 windows 300 per year
Average home has at least 400 in plumbing repairs per year 400 per year
Touch up paint 500 per year
Dry rot repair, pressure washing, replacing windows and doors, home projects, custom closets, upgrading light switches and light fixtures, deck repair, Fence repair or replacement. New decks, sheetrock repair, interior painting, electrical panel upgrades, hot tub circuits, AC circuts, changing door hardware, Hanging new blinds, replace appliances, Repaint rooms, change out kitchen back splash, bath remodel, tile work, garden boxes, etc….

Plumbers and electricians are charging up to $200 per hour. By Subscribing you could pay half that!

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Using your Hours

Everyone will use their hours differently. Some people need a new deck and will save their hours to rebuild their deck or paint their house and others will use my personal handyman for monthly maintnance and small projects. Some will need a lot of hours to take care of defferred maintnance issues. You can use hours for bath and kitchen remodels or whatever projects you might have.


Materials are not included in your hours because every project varies dramatically and there is no way to average that out to account for various projects. Some projects could be caulking which we would cover basic white or clear caulk, but building a deck could have 5,000+ in materials. For larger projects, we will quote the additional cost of the materials.

* We do not do roofing, new cabinets or granite work, but we can subcontract it out using your hours.

Wasting your weekend on repairs when you could be at the lake?